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How to display only partial menu items using XPMenus in WinForms XPToolBar?

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Display partial menu items using XPMenus

It is possible to display partial menus by setting UsePartialMenus property of the MainframebarManager to true and setting the IsRecentlyUsedItem property of the baritems that are to be hidden to false.


this.mainFrameBarManager1.UsePartialMenus = true;
this.barItem4.IsRecentlyUsedItem = false;
this.barItem5.IsRecentlyUsedItem = false;
this.barItem6.IsRecentlyUsedItem = false;


Me.mainFrameBarManager1.UsePartialMenus = True
Me.barItem4.IsRecentlyUsedItem = False
Me.barItem5.IsRecentlyUsedItem = False
Me.barItem6.IsRecentlyUsedItem = False


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