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How to customize the size of WinForms TabbedGroupedMDIManager's close button?

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Customize the size of close button

We can increase the size of the close button of the TabbedGroupMDIManager by deriving it and overriding GetCloseButtonBounds() method.


public class CustomTabbedMDI : TabbedGroupedMDIManager
   public CustomTabbedMDI()
   { }
   protected override MDITabPanel CreateMDITabPanel()
      return new CustomMDITabPanel(this);
public class CustomMDITabPanel : MDITabPanel
   public CustomMDITabPanel(TabbedMDIManager tm) : base(tm)
   { }
   protected override Rectangle GetCloseButtonBounds()
       Rectangle rect = base.GetCloseButtonBounds();
       rect.Width = 20;
       rect.Height = 20;
       return rect;


Public Class CustomTabbedMDI Inherits TabbedGroupedMDIManager
   Public Sub New()
   End Sub
   Protected Overrides Function CreateMDITabPanel() As MDITabPanel
       Return New CustomMDITabPanel(Me)
   End Function
End Class
Public Class CustomMDITabPanel Inherits MDITabPanel
    Public Sub New(ByVal tm As TabbedMDIManager)
    End Sub
    Protected Overrides Function GetCloseButtonBounds() As Rectangle
        Dim rect As Rectangle = MyBase.GetCloseButtonBounds()
        rect.Width = 20
        rect.Height = 20
        Return rect
    End Function
End Class


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