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Getting rid of the “Unable to Decrypt Key” error when opening a key through License Manager

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The “Unable to Decrypt Key” error occurs due to improper registration of a key in the registry editor. To resolve this issue, please do the following:

1.    Open the Syncfusion Dashboard.

2.    Run License Manager.

3.    License Manager will show a list of product keys registered in the registry. Clicking on a product key will show a list of licensed products in the lower pane.

4.    If you are receiving any error such as “Unable to decrypt key,” then remove the corresponding key by clicking the Remove Key button. Add a corresponding key by clicking the Add Key button.

Also, make sure that all registered keys are properly decrypted by License Manager.

Syncfusion License Manager for adding or removing the licensed product keys.


For more about License Manager, please visit License Manager.

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