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Syncfusion controls does not get recognized even after TestStudio is installed?

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These are the steps that can be considered for troubleshooting to get the Syncfusion controls recognized in QTP environment.

Step 1 Make sure that the DLL path of the Custom Libraries is properly given in the SwfConfig.xml file. Please see Configuring Essential TestStudio in User Guide (Essential TestStudio.chm -> Essential testStudio -> Configuring Essential TestStudio) for more info on this.

Step 2 There might be a chance for typos in the SwfConfig.xml. Try replacing the SwfConfig.xml found in Essential TestStudio\Config\.. folder and restart QTP.

Step 3 This might be due to the different Syncfusion version or .NET framework that is being used. Check whether the dll pointed is of the same version as of the application and the framework version, if not this can be solved by rebuilding the Custom Libraries with the required Syncfusion references and .NET framework or please contact us specifying the version of TestStudio that is required.

Step 4 If the assemblies are of right versions, mapped rightly and SwfConfig.xml is perfec and still if there is an issue of Syncfusion Controls not getting recognized, then reinstall .NET QTP add-in.

If the AUT is recorded as WinObject, Make a cross check with a small .NET application with non syncfusion controls to see if that is reproduced, this isolates the problem to be in .NET controls getting recognized. SwfObject would be the right way to be recognized after the .NET addin install. Please take a look to the KB How do I know that Essential test studio works as expected?

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