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Invalid cast exception was unhandled while upgrading projects

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Resolve ‘Invalid cast exception’

To resolve the invalid cast exception:


  1. Ensure that the respective Syncfusion version assemblies exist in the GAC location. For 2.0 and 3.5 assemblies, check C:\Windows\assembly. For 4.0 assemblies, check C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL\. Otherwise, run the Assembly Manager utility from the Syncfusion dashboard to install latest version assemblies into the GAC. The Assembly Manager can be opened from the Start menu by selecting Start > Programs > Syncfusion > Essential Studio x.x.x.x > Dashboard > Utilities > Assembly Management > Assembly Manager.       a. Set the assembly type as prebuilt version of assemblies.      b. Set the action as Install version x.x.x.x.      c. For the framework, select All.      d. Click Perform Action.
  2. Ensure that the assemblies referred to in the project all belong to the same Syncfusion version (e.g., all belong to v10.4.0.71).
  3. Set the Copy Local and Specific version properties as True for all the Syncfusion assemblies referred to in the project.
  4. Delete the bin and obj folders from the project location. Rebuild and run the project.
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