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How to resolve the “Syncfusion exe is not a valid win32 application” error?

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How to resolve the “Syncfusion exe is not a valid win32 application” error?


This issue can arise if the downloaded exe or zip file has been corrupted. The following steps will help you to resolve this issue.

1.      Click to go to the Direct-Trac Downloads Web page, and then click Download links and details to redownload the required Essential Studio installer from our website by logging in with your Syncfusion Direct-Trac Support account. In the “Products and Downloads” page, click Checksum under each exe or zip file to get the Checksum value of the corresponding installer.

2.      Kindly ensure the Checksum value of the downloaded Syncfusion Essential Studio installer matches with the original value mentioned in our website. The following steps illustrate how to do this:

                           i.          Download and install the MD5 Checksum tool from the following link:

                          ii.          Select the downloaded file path by using Browse option in the Checksum tool (or any other Checksum tool) to check the Checksum value.

Verifying whether the checksum value mentioned in website and downloaded exe matches or not in MD5 tool.   



3.      Now, install the downloaded Syncfusion Essential studio installer if the checksum matches.

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