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How do I draw a chart using points?

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Using XlsIO, without using range object, you can create chart by adding points to the series. This can be done as illustrated in the below code snippets:


// Add a chart to the worksheet
IChartShape chart = sheet.Charts.Add();
// Create a series for the chart
IChartSerie serie = chart.Series.Add();
// Enter the values
serie.EnteredDirectlyValues = new object[] { 17, 36, 72, 25, 62 };


' Add a chart to the worksheet
Dim chart As IChartShape = sheet.Charts.Add()
' Create a series for the chart
Dim serie As IChartSerie = chart.Series.Add()
' Enter the values
serie.EnteredDirectlyValues = New Object() {17, 36, 72, 25, 62}

Here is the sample for your reference:


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