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Resolving the “ Uninstall issue with Syncfusion setup”

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Resolving the “Uninstall issue with Syncfusion installer” for v12.4.0.34 and below 

Uninstall the previously installed Essential Studio before you install it again.




In some rare cases, the "Uninstall" executable file (Start->Programs->Essential Studio {version} ->Uninstall.exe) may not exist. This can happen due to any one of the following reasons:

  • Installation may have been aborted by the user or terminated abruptly due to a machine crash.
  • The Syncfusion related files may not have been uninstalled properly on your machine.

The following steps will direct you to uninstall Essential Studio manually:

  1. Download the Syncfusion Install Cleanup utility zip file and extract the content.
  2. Run the "SyncfusionCleanupWindow" executable file.
  3. In the Syncfusion Install Cleanup windows that opens, select the Syncfusion Essential Studio version (for example, you want to uninstall, and then click Remove.




     4.  Essential Studio will be uninstalled. Now you can reinstall the Syncfusion Essential Studio.

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