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How to resolve the unlock key issue with Syncfusion Big Data (v1.1.0.8)?

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This issue can occur with Syncfusion BigData v1.1.0.8, when you have already installed Syncfusion v12.2.0.36 in your machine.

Error message displayed while installing Syncfusion Bigdata setup when invalid Unlock key is given


You can follow the steps as follows to resolve the reported install issue with Syncfusion BigData.

  1. Download the file from the following link.


  1. Extract the zip file that contains Syncfusion.Core assembly.
  2. Run the command prompt with administrative privileges and navigate to the mentioned location as follows.

   {Program files folder}\Syncfusion\Essential Studio\{Essential Studio version}\Utilities\Assembly Manager

    For Ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Syncfusion\Essential Studio\\Utilities\Assembly Manager

  1. Run the SyncGacutil.exe with the extracted file path as arguments to install Syncfusion.Core assembly into the GAC location.

   CMD > SyncGacutil.exe /i {Extracted Syncfusion.Core assembly path}

    For Example:  SyncGacutil.exe /i “C:\downloads\Syncfusion.Core.dll”


               Please refer the following screenshot.

Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CFDD4D.865D5E80

  1. Now, you can install the Syncfusion bigdata ( with corresponding version unlock key.


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