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General Information regarding SSAS configuration

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The following link has the information to configure SSAS:

The following are the general information regarding SSAS configuration:

  1. SSAS supports only Windows Authentication. To resolve authentication issue you need to providing access to the NT AUTHORITY\IUSR by setting the user credential for corresponding application pool resolves this authentication issue.


  1. The following steps helps to set the user credential in the application pool

a. Navigate to the corresponding Application pool at IIS and check whether it has right authentication or not.

(i) Click Application pool and follow the link “Set Application Pool Defaults” present in the right tree view.

(ii) Navigate to the Identity tab present under Process Model tree.

(iii) Choose your SSAS account type whether predefined or configured for specific user (In this scenario we have chosen “Local System” under Built-in account).

(iv)Press OK.

  1. When a WCF service trying to access SSAS data if the proper settings are not made in IIS, WCF Service cannot access the data from the SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) as SSAS may run on Windows authentication mode. For example, if SSAS installed through a user login and when trying to access it by another user login (consider this user doesn’t belongs to Admin/SSAS user group), then the user might not have a proper access to it.

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