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How to use the MoveToTime method in Silverlight Schedule?

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MoveToTime method of SfSchedule is used to scroll to specific timeslots by passing the TimeSpan value. This section explains in detail about the MoveToTime method in SfSchedule control. It is applicable for Day, Week, Work-week and Timeline view.

MoveToTime method in SfSchedule

Create a Silverlight application and add SfSchedule control to it.


                         <syncfusion:SfSchedule  x:Name="Schedule" 

To move to a particular timeslot in the Schedule control, the required TimeSpan value needs to be passed in the MoveTime method.


                                    Schedule.MoveToTime(new TimeSpan(6, 0, 0));

Note: Since this method handles the position of scroll viewer, it has to be called once the Schedule view is loaded.

The following sample illustrates how you can move to a specific time through the MoveToTime method with a button click event.

Sample Link:

The following are screenshots for this feature in different views.

Figure 1: MoveToTime method used in Day View


Figure 2: MoveToTime method used in Week view


Figure 3: MoveToTime method used in Work Week view


Figure 4: MoveToTime method used in Timeline view

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