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How to set SuperToolTip for the Tabbed docked controls in WinForms?

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You can display the SuperToolTip on Tabbed docked controls by enabling ShowSuperToolTips, HotTrack property in TabControlAdv.


TabControlAdv tabcontrol = new TabControlAdv();
DockHost dhost = ((DockHost)(this.treeViewUserControl1.Parent));
DockHostController dhc = ((DockHostController)(dhost.InternalController));
if ((!(dhc.ParentController == null) && (dhc.ParentController.GetType() == DockTabController)))
    DockTabController dtc = ((DockTabController)(dhc.ParentController));
    tabcontrol = ((DockTabControl)(dtc.TabControl));
    tabcontrol.ShowSuperToolTips = true;
    tabcontrol.TabPages(0).SuperTooltip = toolTipInfo1;
    tabcontrol.TabPages(1).SuperTooltip = toolTipInfo1;
tabcontrol.HotTrack = true;


Dim tabcontrol As TabControlAdv = New TabControlAdv
Dim dhost As DockHost = CType(Me.treeViewUserControl1.Parent, DockHost)
Dim dhc As DockHostController = CType(dhost.InternalController, DockHostController)
If ((Not (dhc.ParentController) Is Nothing) _
            AndAlso (TypeOf dhc.ParentController Is DockTabController)) Then
    Dim dtc As DockTabController = CType(dhc.ParentController, DockTabController)
    tabcontrol = CType(dtc.TabControl, DockTabControl)
    tabcontrol.ShowSuperToolTips = True
    tabcontrol.TabPages(0).SuperTooltip = toolTipInfo1
    tabcontrol.TabPages(1).SuperTooltip = toolTipInfo1
End If
tabcontrol.HotTrack = True


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