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How to run an MDX query with the OlapClient component

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We can load OlapClient by directly passing MDX query instead of OlapReport. Please refer the below code snippet which illustrates the same.


OlapDataManager olapDataManager = new OlapDataManager();
olapDataManager.DataProvider = dataProvider;
olapDataManager.MdxQuery = "SELECT NONEMPTY( VISUALTOTALS( ({{Drilldownlevel({ [Date].[Fiscal] })}}) ) * {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]}, VISUALTOTALS( ({{Drilldownlevel({ [Customer].[Customer Geography] })}}) )) dimension properties member_type, PARENT_UNIQUE_NAME ON COLUMNS , NONEMPTY( VISUALTOTALS( ({{Drilldownlevel({ [Customer].[Customer Geography] })}}) ), VISUALTOTALS( ({{Drilldownlevel({ [Date].[Fiscal] })}}) ) * {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]}) dimension properties member_type, PARENT_UNIQUE_NAME ON ROWS FROM [Adventure Works] CELL PROPERTIES VALUE, FORMAT_STRING, FORMATTED_VALUE";


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