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How to set disabled option for button opening Member Editor and Measure Editor

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We can able to set disabled option for the button in SplitButton which opens the Member Editor and Measure Editor in the OlapClient Control. That button can be set disabled by setting the “IsMemberEditorOpen” and “IsMeasureEditorOpen” to false. So that we cannot able to open the Member editor and Measure editor.

Please refer the below code snippet to know how to use these properties in OlapClient Control.


<syncfusion:OlapClient x:Name="olapClient" IsMeasureEditorOpen="False" IsMemberEditorOpen="False" OlapDataManager="{Binding OlapDataManager}">


public MainPage()
            this.DataContext = new ViewModel.ViewModel();
            this.olapClient.IsMeasureEditorOpen = false;
            this.olapClient.IsMemberEditorOpen = false;


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