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How to work on Drill-through support in OlapClient WPF

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Drill-Through feature which enables the user to drill through any value and see the raw data which results in the given value. This can be achieved in the grid is placed in OlapClient Control by enabling the Hyperlink support for the cell values in the grid and using the Link_Click event to form the query. Then the CellSet returned from that query will be set as an itemsource for the GridDataControl to show the raw data.


this.olapClient1.DisplayMode = Syncfusion.Windows.Client.Olap.DisplayModes.GridOnly;
this.olapClient1.OlapGrid.ValueCellStyle.IsHyperlinkCell = true;
this.olapClient1.OlapGrid.EnableDrillThrough = true;
this.olapClient1.OlapGrid.LinkClick += new Syncfusion.Windows.Grid.Olap.LinkLabelClickEventHander(OlapGrid_LinkClick);
void OlapGrid_LinkClick(object sender, Syncfusion.Windows.Grid.Olap.LinkLabelEventArgs e)
     DataTable DrillThroughData = e.DrillThroughData;


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