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How to bind data to Pivot Grid Silverlight using WCF service

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It is very easy to bind data to pivot grid using WCF service. By default the startup page is MainPage (illustrates EmptyPivotGrid Display). And to run the “SilverlightControl1” page (which illustrates the Binding data from the database to PivotGrid using WCF), you have to do the following:

In App.Xaml.CS file, Uncomment “// this.RootVisual = new SilverlightControl1 ();” and comment “this.RootVisual = new MainPage ();” as shown in below code snippet:



private void Application_Startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)


// this.RootVisual = new MainPage();

this.RootVisual = new SilverlightControl1();




D:\documentation\PivotGrid and screenshot\EmptyPivotGrid1.PNG

Figure: Empty Pivot Grid

D:\documentation\PivotGrid and screenshot\PivotGrid that binds data from the database.PNG

Figure: pivot Grid which Binds data from Database



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