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How to define pivotItem comparer in xaml

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We would like to let you know that we can define the PivotItem Comparer in xaml through following the below mentioned procedure:

  1. Create the class ReverseOrderComparer.

2) Include the namespace of the class in xaml file.


xmlns:local="clr-namespace:[Name of the namespace]"


3) Add ReverseOrderComparer class as a resource through defining a key using <Grid.Resources/>



<local:ReverseOrderComparer x:Key="reverseOrderComparer"/>


4) Add the Comparer attribute to the pivotItem that you want to compare and call the created object as StaticResource.



<syncfusion:PivotItem AllowRunTimeGroupByField="True" FieldMappingName="Name" TotalHeader="" Comparer="{StaticResource reverseOrderComparer}"/>






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