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How to solve the jQuery script loading problem in ASP.NET WebForms application?

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When you use both Syncfusion ASP.NET Classic and ASP.NET (EJWEB) controls in a same page, ASP.NET(EJWEB) control raises a script error-“ej is undefined”.


The error is raised due to jQuery script conflict, since two different versions of jQuery files are referred in the application (one is referred from Syncfusion shared web assembly and another one is used in application level for EJWEB controls).


To avoid conflict between two jQuery scripts, you have to skip loading the jQuery file that is referred from shared web source. You can achieve this by disabling SFjQueryLoad key in Web.Config file. Refer to the following code example.


<asp:ScriptManager ID="scriptmgr" runat="server"></asp:ScriptManager> 
<ej:Button ID="ejButton" Text="Sample" runat="server">
 <syncfusion:ButtonAdv ID="sfButton" Text=" Sample One" runat="server"></syncfusion:ButtonAdv>


<add key="SFjQueryLoad" value="false" />


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