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How to rename the caption inside AxisElementBuilder

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This can be achieved using the AxisElementChanged event in the OlapDataManager. The caption for each MetaTreeNode has been renamed using this event. Please refer the below code snippet.


this.olapClient1.OlapDataManager.AxisElementChanged +=new AxisElementChangedEventHandler(OlapDataManager_AxisElementChanged);
void OlapDataManager_AxisElementChanged(object sender, AxisElementChangedEventArgs e)
private void RenameAll()
private void Rename( ObservableCollection<MetaTreeNode> MetaTreeNodes)
     foreach (MetaTreeNode node in MetaTreeNodes)
        var hierarchy = node.Properties.FindByName(PropertyConstants.Hierarchy);
        var dimension = node.Properties.FindByName(PropertyConstants.Dimension);
        if (dimension != null && hierarchy != null)
            node.Caption = (dimension.Value as Dimension).Name + "." + (hierarchy.Value as Hierarchy).Name;



 Private Me.olapClient1.OlapDataManager.AxisElementChanged += New AxisElementChangedEventHandler(AddressOf OlapDataManager_AxisElementChanged)
Private Sub OlapDataManager_AxisElementChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As AxisElementChangedEventArgs)
End Sub
Private Sub RenameAll()
End Sub
Private Sub Rename(ByVal MetaTreeNodes As ObservableCollection(Of MetaTreeNode))
                 For Each node As MetaTreeNode In MetaTreeNodes
                                Dim hierarchy = node.Properties.FindByName(PropertyConstants.Hierarchy)
                                Dim dimension = node.Properties.FindByName(PropertyConstants.Dimension)
                                If dimension IsNot Nothing AndAlso hierarchy IsNot Nothing Then
                                                node.Caption = (TryCast(dimension.Value, Dimension)).Name & "." & (TryCast(hierarchy.Value, Hierarchy)).Name
                                End If
                 Next node
End Sub



Figure: OlapClient with renamed caption for “Date” in AxisElementBuilder

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