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How to Set the DisplayMode for Silverlight OlapClient?

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In OlapClient, by default the Chart and Grid controls has been displayed using the tab control. We can able to set the display mode for OlapClient to show both chart and grid or only chart or only grid. This can be achieved using following code snippet.


// display mode to set both chart and grid visible in OlapClient
this.olapClient.DisplayMode = Syncfusion.Silverlight.Client.Olap.DisplayModes.Both;
// display mode to hide grid in OlapClient
this.olapClient.DisplayMode = Syncfusion.Silverlight.Client.Olap.DisplayModes.ChartOnly;
// display mode to hide chart in OlapClient
this.olapClient.DisplayMode = Syncfusion.Silverlight.Client.Olap.DisplayModes.GridOnly; 


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