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How to hide member within dimension in ASP.NET MVC OlapClient?

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Hiding the members is achieved by setting role in OLAP Cube. You can pass the connection string with additional parameter “Roles” to render a specific permission and it allows you to view only the allowed members and hides the rest.


if (!this.IsPostBack)
                var DataManager = new OlapDataManager(@"Data Source=;Roles=Role1; Initial Catalog=Adventure Works DW 2008 SE;");
                this.OlapClient1.OlapDataManager = DataManager;
                this.OlapClient1.EnablePaging = true;


If (Not Me.IsPostBack) Then
                   Dim DataManager = New OlapDataManager("Data Source=;Roles=Role1; Initial Catalog=Adventure Works DW 2008 SE;")
                   Me.OlapClient1.OlapDataManager = DataManager
                   Me.OlapClient1.EnablePaging = True
End If


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