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How to get the filtered name in Silverlight OLAP Client?

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You can get the filtered members unique name in column and row of OLAP Client using the following code example.


public OlapManager()
            string connectionString = "Data Source=; Initial Catalog=Adventure Works DW 2008 SE;";
            _dataManager = new OlapDataProvider(connectionString);
            _dataManager.BeforeMdxQueryExecute += new Syncfusion.Olap.Manager.QueryExecuteEventHandler(_dataManager_BeforeMdxQueryExecute);
        void _dataManager_BeforeMdxQueryExecute(object sender, Syncfusion.Olap.Manager.QueryExecutingEventArgs e)
            Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.Items categoricalItems = e.Report.CategoricalElements;
            foreach (Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.Item categoricalItem in categoricalItems)
                if (categoricalItem.ElementValue is Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.DimensionElement && categoricalItem.ExcludedElementValue != null)
                   Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.DimensionElement dimensionElem = categoricalItem.ExcludedElementValue as Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.DimensionElement;
                    //Dimension UniqueName
                    string filtrDimeUniqueName = dimensionElem.UniqueName;
                    Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.HierarchyElement hierElem = dimensionElem.Hierarchy;
                    //Hierarchy UniqueName
                    string filtrHierUniqueName = hierElem.UniqueName;
                    List<string> filtrLevUniqueNames = new List<string>();
                    List<string> memElemtUniqueNames = new List<string>();
                    foreach (LevelElement levElmt in hierElem.LevelElements)
                        //Level UniqueName
                        foreach (MemberElement memElmt in levElmt.MemberElements)
                            //Filtered Member UniqueName


Private Function OlapManager() As Public
        Dim connectionString As String = "Data Source=; Initial Catalog=Adventure Works DW 2008 SE;"
        _dataManager = New OlapDataProvider(connectionString)
        _dataManager.BeforeMdxQueryExecute += New Syncfusion.Olap.Manager.QueryExecuteEventHandler(_dataManager_BeforeMdxQueryExecute)
End Function
    Private Sub _dataManager_BeforeMdxQueryExecute(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Syncfusion.Olap.Manager.QueryExecutingEventArgs)
        Dim categoricalItems As Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.Items = e.Report.CategoricalElements
        Dim categoricalItem As Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.Item
        For Each categoricalItem In categoricalItems
            If Not TypeOf categoricalItem.ElementValue Is Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.DimensionElement And categoricalItem.ExcludedElementValue Is Nothing Then
Dim dimensionElem As Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.DimensionElement =  categoricalItem.ExcludedElementValue as Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.DimensionElement 
    'Dimension UniqueName
    Dim filtrDimeUniqueName As String = dimensionElem.UniqueName
    Dim hierElem As Syncfusion.Olap.Reports.HierarchyElement = dimensionElem.Hierarchy
    'Hierarchy UniqueName
    Dim filtrHierUniqueName As String = hierElem.UniqueName
                    Dim filtrLevUniqueNames As List<string> =  New List<string>() 
                    Dim memElemtUniqueNames As List<string> =  New List<string>() 
    Dim levElmt As LevelElement
                    For Each levElmt In hierElem.LevelElements
    'Level UniqueName
    Dim memElmt As MemberElement
                        For Each memElmt In levElmt.MemberElements
    'Filtered Member UniqueName
    End Sub


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