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How to hide '$' symbol in OLAP Grid value cell?

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You can hide the ‘$’ symbol in OLAP Grid by using the following code example.


    this.OlapClient1.OlapGrid.RowBound += OlapGrid_RowBound;
    void OlapGrid_RowBound(object sender, RowBoundEventArgs e)
        foreach (TableCell cell in e.GridRow.Cells)
            if (cell.Text.Contains('$'))
                 cell.Text = cell.Text.Replace("$", "");



                Private Me.OlapClient1.OlapGrid.RowBound += OlapGrid_RowBound
                Private Sub OlapGrid_RowBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RowBoundEventArgs)
                                For Each cell As TableCell In e.GridRow.Cells
                                                If cell.Text.Contains("$"c) Then
                                                                 cell.Text = cell.Text.Replace("$", "")
                                                End If
                                Next cell
                End Sub

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