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How to hide a particular type property in the PropertyGrid?

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HidePropertiesCollection Property:

You can hide a particular property by using the HidePropertiesCollection property in the Property Grid. Desired properties that are to be hidden can be added to the HidePropertiesCollection. For example, to hide the enum property type, this property has to be added to the HidePropertiesCollection. The following code example shows how to hide the enum property.


<syncfusion:PropertyGrid x:Name="pgrid" ButtonPanelVisibility="Visible"   
                SearchBoxVisibility="Visible" DefaultPropertyPath="Content"  SelectedObject="{Binding ElementName=button}"
                        DescriptionPanelVisibility="Visible" >
<shared:ButtonAdv x:Name="button" Label="Item" Width="100" Height="30"/>


MainWindow Class:
public MainWindow()
            this.Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(MainWindow_Loaded);
        void MainWindow_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        private void HideProperties(Type type)
         PropertyDescriptorCollection p = (PropertyDescriptorCollection)TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(type);
            foreach (PropertyDescriptor item in p)
                if (item.PropertyType.IsEnum)

The following screenshot hides a particular type property.

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