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How to create Recurring Appointments in WinRT Schedule?

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Recurrence feature in the SfSchedule control is used to create recurring appointments. This article explains how to create recurring appointments with a time interval of two days.

Creating Recurring Appointments

  1. Create an appointment by using the following code example.


<Grid Background="White">
<syncfusion:SfSchedule ScheduleType="TimeLine"
Name="schedule"    Resource="Doctors" >
<Grid Background="White">


ScheduleAppointment appointment = new ScheduleAppointment();
appointment.Subject = "Team Meeting";
appointment.Notes = "Daily Recurrence";
appointment.Location = "Meeting Hall 1";
appointment.StartTime = DateTime.Now.SubractDays(11);
appointment.EndTime = DateTime.Now.SubractDays(11).AddHours(4);
appointment.AppointmentBackground = new SolidColorBrush(                        (Color.FromArgb(0xFF, 0xD8, 0x00, 0x73)));
  1. Now, generate Recurrence rule by using RRuleGenerator and assign it to the RecurrenceRule property of the above created appointment as illustrated in the following code example.

Note: The RRuleGenerator method is used to create Rule available in the ScheduleHelper class.


RecurrenceProperties RecProp = new RecurrenceProperties()
//Specifying Recurrence type.
RecProp.RecurrenceType = RecurrenceType.Daily;
//Enabling EveryNDays
RecProp.IsDailyEveryNDays = true;
//Specifying the interval of 2 days
RecProp.DailyNDays = 2;
//Enabling the Range count specification
RecProp.IsRangeRecurrenceCount = true;
//Disabling the No end date
RecProp.IsRangeNoEndDate = false;
//Disabling the end date
RecProp.IsRangeEndDate = false;
//Specifying the range count
RecProp.RangeRecurrenceCount = 100;
appointment.RecurrenceRule = ScheduleHelper.RRuleGenerator(RecProp,
appointment.StartTime, appointment.EndTime);
  1. In the above code example, recurrence rule is created for generating recurring appointments every 2 days. Now, set the IsRecursive property of the Scheduleappointment to true and add the created appointment to the schedule’s Appointments property as illustrated in the following code example.


app.IsRecursive = true;

The following screenshots display the output in different views.


Figure 1: Recurring appointments with time intervals of two days in the Month View


Figure 2: Recurring appointments with time intervals of two days in the Week view


Figure 3: Recurring appointments with time intervals of two days in the Day view


Figure 4: Recurring appointments with time intervals of two days in the TimeLine view

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