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How to display axis labels between the ticks?

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Essential Chart supports placing the labels in the X-axis between the ticks or on the ticks by using the LabelPlacement property of the axis. This property takes either onTicks or betweenTicks as values. By default, labels in categorical axis are placed between the ticks and labels in the numerical axis are placed near the ticks. Refer to the Axis for more information on the types of axes supported by the Essential Chart. Only category axis supports placing labels between ticks and other types of axes places labels near the ticks.


  <ej:Chart ID="container" runat="server">
        <PrimaryXAxis LabelPlacement="betweenTicks"></PrimaryXAxis>
        . . . . . .
        . . . . . .

The following screenshot displays the axis labels between the ticks.

The chart with axis labels between ticks

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