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How to hide the Tabbed ContextMenu items in TabControlAdv?

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In TabControlAdv, you can hide the TabList context menu button by using the ShowTabListContextMenu property.


<syncfusion:TabControlAdv x:Name="tabcontrol" ShowTabListContextMenu="False">
<syncfusion:TabItemAdv x:Name="child1" Header="Tabitem1"/>
<syncfusion:TabItemAdv x:Name="child2" Header="Tabitem2"/>
<syncfusion:TabItemAdv x:Name="child3" Header="Tabitem3"/>
<syncfusion:TabItemAdv x:Name="child4" Header="Tabitem4"/>


 tabcontrol.ShowTabListContextMenu = false;

The following screenshot displays the TabList contextmenu of TabControlAdv.

Figure 1: TabList contextmenu of TabControlAdv

The following screenshot illustrates the output of hidden TabList contextmenu button.

Figure 2: TabList contextmenu button hidden

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