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How to set the thickness of the docked children's borders in the DockingManager ?

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The BorderThickness of each Docked window can be changed by the ElementBorderThickness property of the DockingManager. The following code example demonstrates how to set the BorderThickness for each DockedWindow.


<syncfusion:DockingManager  x:Name="dockmanager" UseDocumentContainer="True" ElementBorderThickness="3">
            <ContentControl Name="child1" syncfusion:DockingManager.Header="Dock1"></ContentControl>
            <ContentControl Name="child2" syncfusion:DockingManager.Header="Dock2"></ContentControl>
            <ContentControl Name="child3" syncfusion:DockingManager.Header="Dock3"></ContentControl>


dockmanager.ElementBorderThickness = new Thickness(3);

The following screenshot displays the docked child border thickness changed in the DockingManager.


Figure 1: Docked child border thickness changed in the DockingManager

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