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How do I perform statistical analysis in Chart?

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Statistical formulas help end-users to analyze their information, and can also be used to create more meaningful data.

We can perform the following statistical analysis in chart,

  • Anova Test - An ANOVA test is used to test the differences between the means of two or more groups of data.
  • T-test - Perform a T Test using Student's distribution (T distribution) with equal variances.
  • Z-test - This formula performs a Z Test using Normal distribution.
  • F-test - An F-test is any statistical test in which, the test statistic has an F-distribution if the null hypothesis is true.
  • While performing statistical testing first salculate the Sum of Squares for total, between and within variations. After that calculate degrees of freedom(df) for these variations and then calculate Mean Squares of these variances. Finally calculate F Ratio.

Normal Distribution for the Histogram Chart is drawn by enabling the DrawHistogramNormalDistribution property of the ChartSeries class.

This is illustrated in the Chart UG in this topic:

Statistical Formulas

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