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How to resolve the ResX File error after upgrading to a newer version in application of WinForms GridControl?

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Steps for resolve the resx file error



ResX files may contain version specific information depending on exactly what resources are being saved in the file. Hence, you get the invalid ResX file error when you try to run the application after upgrading to a newer version.



To avoid this exception, when you are migrating to a newer version of Essential Grid from an earlier version and have used the Grid Designer to setup the grid, you need to migrate the .ResX files to the newer version of Essential Grid, in most cases.


Steps to do the migration

1. Run the ConvertResX.exe application, located in <Installed Drive>\Program Files (x86)\Syncfusion\Essential Studio\<Installed Version>\Utilities\Migration\2.0.

2. Make sure the Base Version entry is the version number of your currently installed Syncfusion assemblies. You can see this version number in your .NET GAC folder, c:\Windows\assembly.

3. Click the Choose ResX Files to Convert button and select the resx files you want to convert.

4. Click the Start Converting Files button.

5. After the conversion, the new resx files have the same name as the original files. Copies of the original files are present with an .OLD suffix added to their names.

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