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How to change the color of the linklabel mousehover in WinForms GridControl?

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Change the color of link label

The color of the LinkLabelCell on mouse hover can be changed by using the ActiveLinkColor property and the LinkLabelCellRenderer class. The LinkLabelCellRenderer has been taken from the CellRenderers collection of the WinForms Grid Control.

The following code example shows how to set the LinkLabelCell’s ActiveLinkColor.


LinkLabelCellRenderer rend = this.gridControl1.CellRenderers["LinkLabelCell"] as LinkLabelCellRenderer;
rend.ActiveLinkColor = Color. Red;
//Sets the LinkLabelTextColor (mousehover color to remain as no color).


Dim rend As LinkLabelCellRenderer = TryCast(Me.gridControl1.CellRenderers("LinkLabelCell"), LinkLabelCellRenderer)
rend.ActiveLinkColor = Color. Red
'Sets the LinkLabelTextColor (mousehover color to remain as no color).


Show the link label in cell

Figure 1: Link Label Cell


You can achieve the same by using the GridDataBoundGrid and GridGroupingControl.

The following code example can be used to get the LinkLabelCellRenderer from the CellRenderers collection of the GridGroupingControl and GridDataBoundGrid, and vice versa.


//Gets the CellRenderer in the GridDataBoundGrid.
LinkLabelCellRenderer rend1 = this.griddataboundgrid1.CellRenderers["LinkLabelCell"] as LinkLabelCellRenderer;
//Gets the CellRenderer in the GridGroupingControl.
LinkLabelCellRenderer rend1 = this.gridGroupingControl1.TableControl.CellRenderers["LinkLabelCell"] as LinkLabelCellRenderer;


'Gets the CellRenderer in the GridDataBoundGrid.
Dim rend1 As LinkLabelCellRenderer = TryCast(Me.griddataboundgrid1.CellRenderers("LinkLabelCell"), LinkLabelCellRenderer)
'Gets the CellRenderer in the GridGroupingControl.
Dim rend1 As LinkLabelCellRenderer = TryCast(Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableControl.CellRenderers("LinkLabelCell"), LinkLabelCellRenderer)



I hope you enjoyed learning about how to change the color of the LinkLabel MouseHover in WinForms GridControl, GridGroupingControl and GridDataBoundGrid.

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