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How to add a new button in TabControlExt?

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In TabControlExt, you can display a new tab by using the IsNewButtonEnabled property and the click event on new tab can be handled by the NewButtonClick event handler. The following code example demonstrates the same.


<syncfusion:TabControlExt x:Name="tabcontrol"  IsNewButtonEnabled="True"
NewButtonClick="tabcontrol_NewButtonClick" >
<syncfusion:TabItemExt Header="tab1"/>
<syncfusion:TabItemExt Header="tab2"/>
<syncfusion:TabItemExt Header="tab3"/>


private void tabcontrol_NewButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
MessageBox.Show("New button clicked");

The following screenshot displays the New Button added in TabControlExt.

Figure 1: New Button added in TabControlExt

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