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How to search TreeNodeAdv based on its tag value in WinForms TreeViewAdv?

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Search TreeNodeAdv based on its tag value

In TreeViewAdv, you can filter TreeNodeAdv based on its Tag value. The following code example demonstrates the same.


List<TreeNodeAdv> nodes;
//To search all nodes
nodes = treeViewAdv1.SearchTree().Where(n => n.Tag == "Search node").ToList();
public static class SOExtension
    public static IEnumerable<TreeNodeAdv> SearchTree(this TreeViewAdv treeView)
        return SearchTree(treeView.Nodes);
    public static IEnumerable<TreeNodeAdv> SearchTree(this TreeNodeAdvCollection coll)
        return coll.Cast<TreeNodeAdv>().Concat(coll.Cast<TreeNodeAdv>().SelectMany(x => SearchTree(x.Nodes)));


Private nodes As List(Of TreeNodeAdv)
'To search all nodes
nodes = treeViewAdv1.FlattenTree().Where(Function(n) n.Tag = "Search node").ToList()
Public Module SOExtension
    <System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Extension()> _
    Public Function SearchTree(ByVal treeView As TreeViewAdv) As IEnumerable(Of TreeNodeAdv)
        Return SearchTree(treeView.Nodes)
    End Function
    <System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Extension()> _
    Public Function SearchTree(ByVal coll As TreeNodeAdvCollection) As IEnumerable(Of TreeNodeAdv)
        Return coll.Cast(Of TreeNodeAdv)().Concat(coll.Cast(Of TreeNodeAdv)().SelectMany(Function(x) SearchTree(x.Nodes)))
    End Function
End Module

The following screenshot illustrates the output.

Search TreeNodeAdv by using its tag value

Figure 1: Search TreeNodeAdv by using its Tag value




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