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How to validate reportdatasource connectionstring?

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Report DataSource connection string can be validated by using the following utility for the ReportViewer.

Refer to the step-by-step procedure to validate the connection string by using the above utility.

  1. Initial page of the application is as follows.

Initial page

Figure 1: Initial Application page

  1. Choose the connection type.
  2. Integrated security needs to be checked for trusted connections (Windows authentications).
  3. When the connection string contains username and password, then the Authentication checkbox needs to be checked and valid login details filled in the desired fields.
  4. Click the test connection option to validate your connection string.
  5. Connection status is displayed in a message box. When there are errors, the details of the errors are shown along with descriptions.

When the DataSource is a shared DataSource, then the username and password details must be given in connection string itself to validate the connection. (For example, DataSource=; Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks; user ID="ssrs1"; password="RDLReport1";)


Connection Details

Figure 2: Application with connection details

Connection Status

Figure 3: Connection status

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