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How to customize the tooltip text dynamically?

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Essential Chart dynamically supports customizing tooltip text by using OnClientToolTipInitialize event. Refer to Chart Events for more information about the events available in Chart and also refer to ToolTipInitialize event for more information about the parameters available in the event handler.

This event is triggered before displaying the tooltip and provides a parameter containing properties cancel, data, model and type to the event handler. You can customize tooltip text with currentText property available in the data property of the event handler argument.


<ej:Chart ID="container" OnClientToolTipInitialize="tooltip" runat="server">         
       <CommonSeriesOptions DashArray="5,5" type="Line">
           <Marker Visible="true"></Marker>
           <Tooltip Visible="true"></Tooltip>
<script type="text/javascript">
    function tooltip(sender) { = "Customized tooltip";
        sender.cancel = true;

The following screenshot displays the Chart with customized tooltip.

Customized the tooltip text dynamically

Figure 1: Chart with customized Tooltip

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