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How to disable the weekend dates in the DatePicker control?

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Disabling weekend dates in DatePicker control

You can disable the weekend dates by using the BeforeDateCreate event of the DatePicker control. In this event, you can get each date,, and its corresponding element, args.element, in the event argument. In that element, add the class e-disable to the weekend dates as shown in the following code example.




    function disableDate(args) {
        //Finds out the weekend dates [Sunday and Saturday].
        if ( == 0 || == 6) {
            //Removes the current month/other month class and adds the e-disable class to disable the dates.
            $(args.element).addClass('e-hidedate e-disable').removeClass('current-month other-month');


The following screenshot displays the disabled weekend dates in the DatePicker control.

DatePicker control with weekend dates disabled


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