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What are all the major changes in WinForms Grid Data Bound?

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Changes in GridConverter

1. We had enhanced the exporting functionality of the GridControl and GridGroupingControl. We had renamed methods (Non-Public) in the GridExcelConverterBase class and GridExcelConverter class. For example, previously the CopyBorders, CopyAlignment etc. methods are used internally for exporting purpose. From Version, we had renamed those methods like the ExportBordersToExcel, ExportAlignmentToExcel etc. For better understanding of purpose of that method. To avoid the upgrading issues, please refer to the following link for new renamed methods and added methods in the GridConverter. If you find any upgrading issues, please make the changes as per renamed methods. You can see the entire class reference files from following link:

2. Importing methods such as ExcelToGrid, ConvertExcelRangeToRange are removed from the GridExcelConverterBase class and have been included in the GridExcelConverterControl class as GridControl which alone supports importing of the Excel sheet. Exporting related methods alone are available in the GridExcelConverterBase.


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