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How to add space between multiple columns in a Chart segment?

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This article describes how to add space between multiple series segments that share the same data point and the same x-axis.


The spacing between multiple series segments can be achieved through the SegmentSpacing property of the series.

The following code example demonstrates the same.


<syncfusion:ColumnSeries Label="ColumnSeries1"
                         ItemsSource="{Binding Computers}"
                         <!—Sets the SegmentSpacing-->
<syncfusion:ColumnSeries Label="ColumnSeries2"
                         ItemsSource="{Binding Computers}"
                         SegmentSpacing="0.5" />       



(sampleChart.Series[0] as ColumnSeries).SegmentSpacing = 0.5;
(sampleChart.Series[1] as ColumnSeries).SegmentSpacing = 0.5;


The following screenshot illustrates the spacing applied between the segments of the same data point.

F:\Issue Files Chart\Issue File -10 Knowledge Base\WP_ScreenShot\New Second TIme\wp_ss_20150210_0010.png

Figure 1: SfChart with multiple ColumnSeries segments spaced at the same point

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