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How to reduce the size of the WinForms LinearGauge?

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Reduce the size of LinearGauge

You can reduce the size of the LinearGauge by specifying the required size as the Minimum size of the LinearGauge. By default, LinearGauge is initialized with the minimum size.


//Initializes MinimumSize for LinearGauge.
this.linearGauge1.MinimumSize = new Size(0, 0);
//Sets the required size of the LinearGauge.
this.linearGauge1.Size = new Size((int)this.integerTextBox1.IntegerValue, (int)this.integerTextBox2.IntegerValue);



'Initializes MinimumSize for LinearGauge.
Me.linearGauge1.MinimumSize = New Size(0, 0)
'Sets the required size of the LinearGauge.
Me.linearGauge1.Size = New Size(CInt(Fix(Me.integerTextBox1.IntegerValue)), CInt(Fix(Me.integerTextBox2.IntegerValue)))



The “MinimumSize” property helps to specify the lower limit of the Linear Gauge.



LinearGauge with specified size

Figure 1: Linear Gauge with specified size

Default size of Linear Gauge

Figure 2: Default Size of Linear Gauge

LinearGauge with specified minimum size

Figure 3: Linear Gauge with Minimum size specified


C#: LinearGauge_Resize_C#

VB: LinearGauge_Resize_VB

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