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How to rotate the PDF Document when its is viewed in PDF Viewer Control?

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How to rotate the PDF Document when it is viewed in PDF Viewer Control?

We do not support document rotation when it is viewed in PDF Viewer Control. However as a workaround we can achieve this by assigning the rotation value in document settings for rotation in PDF document using PdfPageRotateAngle.

Code Snippet:

PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument();

if (doc.PageSettings.Rotate == PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle0)

doc.PageSettings.Rotate = PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle90;

else if (doc.PageSettings.Rotate == PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle90)

doc.PageSettings.Rotate = PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle180;

else if (doc.PageSettings.Rotate == PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle180)

doc.PageSettings.Rotate = PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle270;

else if (doc.PageSettings.Rotate == PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle270)

doc.PageSettings.Rotate = PdfPageRotateAngle.RotateAngle0;

rotation = doc.PageSettings.Rotate;

MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();



byte[] buffer = new byte[ms.Length];

ms.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);

PdfLoadedDocument ldocument = new PdfLoadedDocument(ms);





Please find the sample attached in the below link:



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