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How to disable the normal state in the TileViewControl?

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Normal state of TileViewItem can be disabled in the TileViewcontrol by setting UseNormalState property as True. When the property is set to false and TileViewItem cannot switched to NormalState

Default value of the UseNormalState property is true.


<syncfusion:TileViewControl UseNormalState="{Binding CanUsedNormalState}" >
            <syncfusion:TileViewItem Header="Item 1"  />
            <syncfusion:TileViewItem Header="Item 2"/>
            <syncfusion:TileViewItem Header="Item 3"/>
            <syncfusion:TileViewItem Header="Item 4"/>



public partial class MainWindow : Window
        public MainWindow()
            this.DataContext = this;
        private bool _CanUsedNormalState = false;
        public bool CanUsedNormalState
                return _CanUsedNormalState;
              _CanUsedNormalState = value;







The following screenshot displays the change in the State of the TileViewItem



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