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Why does out of memory exception arise on creating or opening large size documents in SfRichTextBoxAdv?

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The SfRichTextBoxAdv control keeps the entire rich text contents (text, images, tables and all other supported elements along with its formatting) of the document and its corresponding information needed for rendering in main memory. In case of opening a Docx file, you may think the file size is small and SfRichTextBoxAdv utilizes very large memory. Whereas it is a zip archive file with extension “docx”, SfRichTextBoxAdv control internally decompress it and populate the content in the document object model utilizing remarkable main memory.

The SfRichTextBoxAdv control supports UI Virtualization, UI elements are created only for the contents which are visible in the viewer. The UI elements are created for the contents which becomes visible while scrolling the viewer; this reduces the main memory utilization and also improves UI performance. Even though UI Virtualization is handled the main memory utilization will increase with respect to the increase of content and its complexity. The main memory utilized by an instance will not be released until the instance is removed from the document.

Hence there is a chance for “Out of memory exception” when the memory utilization exceeds the maximum level as the content of the document increases. Kindly split the contents to several documents or use high configuration machines with extended RAM such as to create or open large size documents comfortably.

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