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Customizing Appearance on Rendering with using NodeCollectionChange Events

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Customizing Appearance on Rendering while using NodeCollectionChanged Events

Syncfusion Diagram supports customizing the appearance of the node using the NodeCollectionChanged events. Using the NodeCollectionChanged events the node can be customized.

The below code shows how to customize the appearance of the node.


// Registering NodeCollectionChanged Event
diagram2.EventSink.NodeCollectionChanged += EventSink_NodeCollectionChanged;
// Customizing the Appearance of the node
void EventSink_NodeCollectionChanged(CollectionExEventArgs evtArgs)
            if (evtArgs.Elements is NodeCollection || evtArgs.Element is Node)
                if (evtArgs.Elements is NodeCollection)
                    NodeCollection NodeColl = (NodeCollection)evtArgs.Elements;
                    foreach (Node N in NodeColl)
                       // Customizing Nodes Line Color and width
                        N.LineStyle.LineColor = Color.Red;
                        N.LineStyle.LineWidth = 2;
                    Node Nod = (Node)evtArgs.Element;
                    Nod.LineStyle.LineColor = Color.Red;
                    Nod.LineStyle.LineWidth = 2;


' Registering NodeCollectionChanged Event
Private diagram2.EventSink.NodeCollectionChanged += AddressOf EventSink_NodeCollectionChanged
' Customizing the Appearance of the node
Private Sub EventSink_NodeCollectionChanged(ByVal evtArgs As CollectionExEventArgs)
   If TypeOf evtArgs.Elements Is NodeCollection OrElse TypeOf evtArgs.Element Is Node Then
    If TypeOf evtArgs.Elements Is NodeCollection Then
     Dim NodeColl As NodeCollection = CType(evtArgs.Elements, NodeCollection)
     For Each N As Node In NodeColl
        ' Customizing Nodes Line Color and width
      N.LineStyle.LineColor = Color.Red
      N.LineStyle.LineWidth = 2
     Next N
     Dim Nod As Node = CType(evtArgs.Element, Node)
     Nod.LineStyle.LineColor = Color.Red
     Nod.LineStyle.LineWidth = 2
    End If
   End If
End Sub



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