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How to set style for single cell in PdfLightTable?

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Set style for single cell in PdfLightTable

Style can be applied to a single cell in PdfLightTable by using BeginCellLayout event handler.

Please refer to the following code example how to set the style for single cell in PdfLightTable:

//Create the PDF document
PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument();
//Add the page
PdfPage page = doc.Pages.Add();
//Create the light table
PdfLightTable pdfLightTable = new PdfLightTable();
//Set Data source
pdfLightTable.DataSource = GetData();
//Call the event handlers
pdfLightTable.BeginCellLayout += pdfLightTable_BeginCellLayout;
//Draw the table
pdfLightTable.Draw(page, new RectangleF(new PointF(margin, 70), new SizeF(100,100));
//Save and close the document
//Begin cell layout
private void pdfLightTable_BeginCellLayout(object sender, BeginCellLayoutEventArgs args)
if (args.RowIndex == 0 && args.CellIndex == 0)
//skip the cell
args.Skip = true;
//draw the cell
args.Graphics.DrawRectangle(PdfPens.Black, args.Bounds);
//draw the background brush
args.Graphics.DrawRectangle(PdfBrushes.LightBlue, args.Bounds);
//draw the string in cell
args.Graphics.DrawString("Cell Style", new PdfStandardFont(PdfFontFamily.Courier, 10), PdfBrushes.Black, new PointF(args.Bounds.X, args.Bounds.Y));   


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