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How to hide the currentcell border in header cells?

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In order to hide the currentcell border while clicking on a HeaderCell, DrawCurrentCellBorder event can be used. For better understanding, please refer the below image,

Showing hide the current cell border while click a header cell


this.gridControl1.DrawCurrentCellBorder += new GridDrawCurrentCellBorderEventHandler(gridControl1_DrawCurrentCellBorder);
void gridControl1_DrawCurrentCellBorder(object sender, GridDrawCurrentCellBorderEventArgs e)
     //Chekcing whether currentcell is header cell
     if (e.Style.CellType == "Header")
          //Canceling the currentcell border
          e.Cancel = true;



AddHandler gridControl1.DrawCurrentCellBorder, AddressOf gridControl1_DrawCurrentCellBorder
Private Sub gridControl1_DrawCurrentCellBorder(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridDrawCurrentCellBorderEventArgs)
      'Chekcing whether currentcell is header cell
      If e.Style.CellType Is "Header" Then
          'Canceling the currentcell border
          e.Cancel = True
      End If
End Sub



Showing unhide the current cell border


CS: CurrentCell_Border_CS

VB: CurrentCell_Border_VB


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