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How to add Clustered Column chart in Presentation

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Essential Presentation provides support to create and modify Column Clustered Charts. The below assemblies are needed to execute the code explained below,

  1. Syncfuison.Presentation.Base
  2. Syncfusion.OfficeChart.Base
  3. Syncfusion.Compression.Base

The below code example illustrates creating a PowerPoint presentation and adding a blank slide.

//Create presentation with empty slides.
IPresentation presentation = Presentation.Create();
//Add blank slide into the presentation
ISlide slide = presentation.Slides.Add(SlideLayoutType.Blank);





The below code example illustrates creating a chart and adding the related chart data.

//Add chart to the slide with specified size and positions.
IPresentationChart chart = slide.Shapes.AddChart(100, 100, 640, 427);
//Sets value to the chart's worksheet.
chart.ChartData.SetValue(2, 1, "Category 1");
chart.ChartData.SetValue(3, 1, "Category 2");
chart.ChartData.SetValue(4, 1, "Category 3");
chart.ChartData.SetValue(5, 1, "Category 4");
chart.ChartData.SetValue(1, 2, "Series 1");
chart.ChartData.SetValue(2, 2, 4.3);
chart.ChartData.SetValue(3, 2, 2.5);
chart.ChartData.SetValue(4, 2, 3.5);
chart.ChartData.SetValue(5, 2, 4.5);














//Set chart type as Column_Clustered.
chart.ChartType = OfficeChartType.Column_Clustered;

The below code example illustrates setting the chart type.




The below code example illustrates adding a serie to the chart and setting the serie range.

//Add first serie to chart series collection with specified serie name.
IOfficeChartSerie serie1 = chart.Series.Add("Series 1");
//Sets values to first serie.
serie1.Values = chart.ChartData[2, 2, 5, 2];






The below code example illustrates adding category label values from chart data.

//Sets values to category labels of primary category axis.
chart.PrimaryCategoryAxis.CategoryLabels = chart.ChartData[2, 1, 5, 1];




The below code example illustrates setting overlap and gap width for the Column Clustered chart.

//Seta value to gap value between series.
serie1.SerieFormat.CommonSerieOptions.Overlap = -27;
//Sets Width of the series
serie1.SerieFormat.CommonSerieOptions.GapWidth = 219;






The below code example illustrates saving the created presentation to a file.

//Saves the presentation with specified file name with extension.


You can find the complete sample here.









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