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How to customize the backcolor and forecolor of text in WinForms SyntaxEditor (EditControl)?

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Customize the backcolor and forecolor

In Edit control, it is possible customize the Selected text Backcolor and Forecolor by using property named SelectedText and functions named RegisterBackColorFormat and SetSelectionBackColor.


RegisterBackColorFormat - To specify required color format.

SetSelectionBackColor - To customize Back color to all the selected text.

SelectedText - To find the selected text.s


Following code snippet helps to achieve this requirement.


//Find the Selected text and highlight it.
IBackgroundFormat format =
editControl1.RegisterBackColorFormat(Color.Yellow, Color.Green);
if (this.editControl1.SelectedText != null)
   for (int i = 0; i < this.editControl1.Lines.Count(); i++)
       if (this.editControl1.FindText(this.editControl1.SelectedText))



‘Find the Selected text and highlight it.
Dim format As IBackgroundFormat = editControl1.RegisterBackColorFormat(Color.Yellow, Color.Green)
If Me.editControl1.SelectedText IsNot Nothing Then
   For i As Integer = 0 To Me.editControl1.Lines.Count() - 1
       If Me.editControl1.FindText(Me.editControl1.SelectedText) Then
       End If
End If


                                                    Find and highlight the selectedtext in EditControl   

Figure 1. Find and High Light the SelectedText in Edit control with Image.


C#: Find and High Light the Selected Text C#

VB: Find and High Light the Selected Text VB

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