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How to display and position image in new button of TabControlExt

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Image can be displayed in the new button of TabControlExt using NewButtonStyle

Property and position of the image in new button can be changed using ImageAlignment 



   <Style TargetType="syncfusion:TabItemExt" x:Key="mystyle">
            <Setter Property="syncfusion:TabItemExt.Image" Value="download.jpg"/>
            <Setter Property="syncfusion:TabItemExt.ImageHeight" Value="15"/>
            <Setter Property="syncfusion:TabItemExt.ImageWidth" Value="15"/>
            <Setter Property="syncfusion:TabItemExt.ImageAlignment"        
<syncfusion:TabControlExt  Name="tabcontrol" IsNewButtonEnabled="True"  
                           NewButtonStyle="{StaticResource mystyle}">
<syncfusion:TabItemExt Name="tab1" Header="Tab1" Image="images1.jpg" ImageHeight="15" 
<syncfusion:TabItemExt Name="tab2" Header="Tab2" Image="download.jpg" ImageHeight="15"   



private void TabControlExt_NewTabItemClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
  TabItemExt item = new TabItemExt
    Header="Tab" + (tabcontrol.Items.Count +1),
    Image = new BitmapImage(new Uri("images.png",UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute)),
    ImageHeight = 15,
    ImageWidth = 15,











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