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How to skip editing for read-only colums in AddNewRow of WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid)?

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You can edit all the columns in AddNewRow including Read-Only columns as default in WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid). But you can skip the editing for Read-Only columns by using CurrentCellBeginEdit event.


this.grid.CurrentCellBeginEdit += grid_CurrentCellBeginEdit;
void grid_CurrentCellBeginEdit(object sender, CurrentCellBeginEditEventArgs args)
    var rowIndex = args.RowColumnIndex.RowIndex;
    //If the rowindex in AddNewRowIndex, we need to validate whether the property is readonly or not.
    if (this.grid.IsAddNewIndex(rowIndex))
        //pdc - PropertyDescriptorCollection.
        var pdc = this.grid.View.GetItemProperties();
        //get the propertyinfo from PropertyDescriptorCollection.
        var propertyInfo = pdc.Find(args.Column.MappingName, true);
        //property is readonly you can cancel the editing of the cell.
        if (propertyInfo.IsReadOnly)
            args.Cancel = true;

View sample in GitHub.

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