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How to choose right color combination to the Barcode?

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How to choose right color combination to the Barcode?

While customizing the barcode main thing to consider color combinations, which is important to choose right color combination to the barcode for recognizing with scanner. This article explains you about how to choose right color combination to the Barcode in Xamarin Android.


Barcode color can be customized by the DarkBarBrush and LightBarBrush properties. It’s important to use light colors for the background and dark colors for the barcode.


Right color combination

Below are color combinations are scan-able. The best contrast is obtained when the background reflects all the light and the bars reflect none which can that can work for barcode labels. Dark and light color combination will always work with all type of Barcodes.



D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-56-30.pngD:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-56-54.pngD:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-57-16.png


Black on White                                Blue on White                                                Green on White





D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-58-09.png D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-58-32.png D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-58-58.png


Black on Yellow                                Blue on Yellow                                                Green on Yellow




 D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-59-55.png D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-00-18.png D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-00-38.png


Black on Red                                                Blue on Red                                Green on Red



Wrong Color Combination


If the background and bar colors, both are too light or too dark, the scanner won’t be able to read the barcode label. Below are color combinations are Non scan-able.




  D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-02-09.pngD:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-02-30.pngD:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-03-31.png


Red on White                                                Yellow on White                                Light Brown on White




  D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-04-37.png D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-05-44.png D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-06-08.png


Black on Yellow                                                Black on Green                                Black on Blue




   D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-06-36.pngD:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-07-00.png D:\Documents_Subbu\April\Color Barcode\Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-07-47.png


Red on Blue                                                Green on Blue                                                Brown on Blue



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